Making new connections is now as easy as saying hello.

Shaire captures, shares, and stores contact information in seconds. No more awkward ‘bumping’ phones or losing business cards. Just connection & opportunity. Effortlessly.

One button. One job.

Ready to Shaire? Activate your module with one push, and watch the person you’re Shaireing with do the same. When your modules glow, shake hands, and your contact information is exchanged instantly and securely. Customize what information you Shaire, and manage all of your contacts in your Shaire app.


With a 12-inch range, confirmation requirements, and encrypted profiles, Shaire only swaps your info with who you want, when you want.


Sick of awkward scrambles for cards or phones? We are too. That’s why Shaire works in a flash, so you can get back to your conversation.


Connection is everything in business. So we’ve made Shaire the fastest, most reliable way to store hundreds of contacts, and keep in touch.


Shaire’s slick, modern design makes it the perfect networking accessory for busy professionals. (Your move, Apple Watch.)


The Shaire Module, how one button will change the world of networking.

The Shaire module is a low energy, inexpensive, and powerful information transmitter that uses NFC and Bluetooth technology to exchange unique Shaire Identification Codes [SIC].

When activated, your module exchanges this tiny amount of data with other Shaire modules in range. Your module can store hundreds of SICs so you'll never worry about a missed connection. The Shaire module adapts to your lifestyle and can be used in wristbands, lanyards, and beyond.

The Shaire App

The Shaire App remembers everyone you meet (so you don’t have to).

To confirm and save your new contacts, sync your device with your Shaire app and review your list. Each profile can include a headshot, phone numbers, emails, links to social networks, and more.

Every Shaire listing includes a timestamp, and can smoothly be sorted into groups (like “Investors” and “Consultants”) and include important notes (like “Don rocks,” or “Alice is allergic to peanuts”).

Shaire in Action

How Shaire can work at your next networking event, trade show, or conference.

Imagine: At the biggest industry event of the year, you’re in a circle of 4 powerhouse executives, all eager to meet you. You shake their hands, and introduce yourself.

Then what happens next? If you don’t swap cards or save an email address… not much. (And even business cards don’t always help with facial recognition.)

Until Shaire. Shaire’s innovation is its ease. Just activate your module, shake hands, and exchange contact information, instantly. At the end of the day, sync your device, and confirm the valuable connections you’ve made in minutes. Then, kick back & congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not addressed in our FAQ please email

  • What if someone doesn’t have a Shaire device?

    Shaire is most effective where people are actively looking to connect. This is why the initial release of Shaire will be focused at conferences and networking events. The devices will be included with your event registration, and provided to all attendees.

    As Shaire becomes more widely adopted it will gradually become the standard way of sharing contact information for business professionals and the general public.

    If you forget, or don’t have a Shaire module/wearable Shaire device, the app on your phone will work just fine on its own. Our future vision also includes the integration of Shaire in third-party wearables (like the Apple watch) to minimize how many devices you'd need to wear.

  • How much will Shaire cost?

    The goal is to keep the cost of the basic Shaire device under $30, and offer a basic version of the Shaire app for free. Premium Shaire profiles with enhanced features will be available for a small fee.

  • Why have a Shaire device and not just an app?

    The Shaire device is important, as it enables you to share and receive information quickly and naturally. Attempting to use a phone app during a business meeting or a hectic conference can be inefficient and unprofessional, which is why we created Shaire: to make the exchange of information simple and distraction-free.

    The ability to exchange information in seconds without pulling out your phone or trying to find a good time to exchange business cards allows for more connections that lead to stronger relationships and exciting opportunities.

  • I don’t want to wear a wristband. Are there other Shaire wearable options?

    The current Shaire device design is a prototype concept. The final device design will be smaller, come in different colors, and fit into a variety of holders to best fit your lifestyle (wristbands, rings, pins, cufflinks, lanyards/name tags, belt clips, etc.).

    As Shaire becomes more widely adopted, we will integrate it into other third-party wearables to minimize your number of devices.

    If you prefer not using a Shaire module/wearable, the Shaire app on your phone will also work as a Shairing device.

  • How can I keep my data secure?

    Your Shaire module doesn't store any of your contact information or the contact information of the people you connect with. The module only stores your unique Shaire Identification Code [SIC] and the unique SICs of people you Shaire with.

    The SICs stored in Shaire modules are encrypted, and can only be be synced/viewed by your specific registered Shaire app. You have complete control of what information is shared with others. You are also required to confirm and approve all connections in your app before someone is able to view/download your profile.

  • Will anyone be able to view my profile in the app?

    The app only allows you to view profile information of the unique Shaire Identification Codes [SIC] you obtained from a Shaire interaction. By default, the Shaire app will not allow you to view/download a Shaire profile until the connection is confirmed and approved by both parties.

  • What happens if I lose my Shaire device?

    If you happen to lose your Shaire device you can initiate a remote wipe security feature. Once someone attempts to sync your Shaire device, it will automatically wipe all the data on the device.

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